Thursday, June 7, 2007

Noises All Around

" Once our per capita emission levels reach the same as those of the industrialised countries, we'll be very happy to do our share too."
-Indian Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon

To whom are you kidding, Mr. Menon !!!

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati has set new goals for herself - to rule India some day and build a "casteless society".

Casteless? On that day, you will be powerless Maya ji because the politics you exercise stands solely on castes. Keep 'em high !!!

At a press meet on Thursday, Minister Yami said that the government was open on alternatives such as signing new management contract, floating new tenders, allowing Nepali management to handle valley's water distribution system or even accepting Severn Trent Water International with some changes. (Source:kantipur)

Somebody fix her brains !!!!

Finally, the loudest noise comes from The Paris Hilton prison diaries

Day 5: Gandhi went to prison. So did Martin Luther King Jr. So did Robert Downey Jr. and Martha Stewart Jr. and I think Nelson Mandela Jr. Mandela was imprisoned for, like, 50 years or something for being black and also for driving an uninsured vehicle, if I'm reading Wikipedia correctly. Nicky often mentions me and Gandhi and how incredibly thin we both are and how she wonders if he used bronzer.

Day 11: Jayne Mansfield spoke five languages. She was a concert-level pianist. Marilyn Monroe was a Formula One race car driver. Twiggy built her own home, raised guinea fowl and invented penicillin. Eleanor Roosevelt patented commercial air travel. And yet all of us played a role, the blond bimbo, the ditzy, fun-loving "party girl." Roosevelt especially. But what's to say I couldn't be the first person to walk on the moon or be the first woman to go to college?

Day 18: This "Jesus Christ" was an amazing guy. It's so sad he died so young.

Day ??: ...... Lately I'm identifying with the Jews and all the horrible things that happened to them during Vietnam.
We understand, not your fault Paris !!!!

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