Saturday, June 16, 2007

UG Series 2

The 'Natural State' is acausal; it just happens.

The so called self-realization is the discovery for yourself and by yourself that there is no self to discover. That will be a very shocking thing because it's going to blast every nerve, every cell, even the cells in the marrow of your bones.

Consciousness is so pure that whatever you are doing in the direction of purifying that consciousness is adding impurity to it.

There is no sadhana necessary, no purification methods necessary for this kind of a thing to happen - no preparation of any kind.

Thought is in its birth, in its origin, in its expression and in its actions very fascist. When I use the word 'fascist' I do not use it in the polictical sense but to mean that it controls and shapes our thinking and our actions.

Thought is something dead and can never touch anything living. It cannot capture life, contain it, and give expression to it. The moment it tries to touch life it is destroyed by the quality of life.

All the political ideologies and even the legal structures are the wartyoutgrowths of the religious thinking of man.

All that is necessary for the survival of this living organism is already there. The tremendous intelligence of the body is no match for all that we have gathered and acquired through our intellect.

Messiah is the one who leaves a mess behind him in this world.

The human organism is not interested in your wonderful religious ideas--peace, bliss, beatitude or any such thing. Its only interest is survival. What society has placed before us as the goal to reach and attain is the enemy of this living organism.

As a human body it is an extraordinary piece of creation. But as a human being he is rotten because of the culture.

Stop thinking and start living.

Cabbages are more alive than human beings.

Knowledge creates experience and experience strengthens the knowledge. This is a vicious circle

There is no such thing as 'knowledge' for the sake of knowledge. Knowledge is power. "I know. You don't know".

It is the body that is immortal. It is living from moment to moment.

God is the figment of man's fertile imagination.

This body doesn't want to learn anything. Left to itself it has tremendous intelligence.

You are more useful to the Nature dead than alive.

The compilation credit goes to his friends at The Essential UG.

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