Thursday, August 9, 2007

WTF of the Week

My understanding again fails me here: the topic and story. See today's Kantipur.

The day is not far when we will get to read: "पाण्डेहरुलाई शर्माहरु को सहयोग" ( Sharmas help the Pandeys.)
What a fantastic self-glorification?

Or, " गुरुङ्हरुलाई राइहरु को सहयोग" (Rai's help the Gurungs).

I just pray the future won't puke on us.


Prajwol said...

I agree with you.

When I look at Indian communities around in USA I see groupings among Tamil, Gujarati etc....but we Nepalese regardless of our cast or origin are always united. I seriously fear if the new trend in Nepal might catch up with us abroad too.

It's very sad, come on people wake up!!!!...don't let the vested interest of few leaders spoil the harmony

Nepali Akash said...

Yes Prajwol, self agrandizement sucks.