Monday, October 29, 2007

Nepali Bloggers Worldwide E-Conference

The idea is just hatched. Salik is in the forefront of this idea. The date and agendas are open until now. Feedback and suggestions in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Blogan did not see much development except couple of meetings but I'm unaware of the reasons. Personally, I was not able to attend the meeting.

The main problem of Nepali bloggers is access and affordability of resources to blog. Most of them are from Kathmandu valley and a lot of others are from the diaspora abroad. To build a vibrant and strong online bloggers community we need at least one blogger representing each district of Nepal; disrespect of whether one is physically in his own district while blogging. It will help a lot to understand views, ideas and opinions that would come from different parts of the country. Again, access to resources is a huge problem. Lets find ways how we can work on this.

We would welcome ideas that would help us define our agendas and issues, even its very objectivity. Salik and me , we do have some agendas in our mind.
What's your take on this?


Aakar said...

So let's try out man.Salik is doing something great and you also......So do somethings for nepali blogger.....I'm their for a support.

Prajwol said...

Nepali Akash,

Well I laud you guys for wanting to take this responsibility. In the limelight of submergence of BLOGAN, what different you guys are trying to do? It would have been nice if you spelled the agendas too.

I appreciate your desire and efforts, but still not clear about the objectives.

For me there are four sets of bloggers in Nepali Blogsphere:
1. Prominent ones that have lot of visitors and financially self sustaining.
2. Bloggers who have more desire to please the stuffs like Adsense.
3. Bloggers who write just to express themselves, undaunted of visitors appeal.
4. Bloggers who are just starting

For me blog can be any of the above categories, and the blogger can write about anything and everything. for example some village in Nepal that no one knows of...if someone writes about it then other person can find about that quickly using search engine. I think that's the best application of blog already.
This was the perception of Nepalese blogger I had when I wrote this post almost an year ago

Nepali Akash said...

Aakar, thanks for the support.

Prajwol, we are still discussing the agrendas. The discussion will be inclusive and all are welcome to be part of this. We are still working on the collaboration platform.

Hope you will contribute.

salik said...

dear prajwol,

we're not trying to impose ourselves... we're asking you to recommend agendas, we're asking you what can be done, we're just suggesting that we can do something together...

ok, let's consider that there are the four types.. we're just suggesting that we can do sth than blogging alone for the betterment of the society...

sth that would help people, not that we’re not doing enough by talking about the country, our village and ourselves… we don't want to create a "banner" or any group... we're just asking like-minded people to join and do sth productive…

we want to create a basis of life-long friendships… it’s just that we’re trying sth new, and we’d be very happy if you join in….

please, have a look at this post:
Breaking popular trend and returning back to Nepal

The conversation, and people who want to do sth need people to support them…

If you want to know why BLOGAN failed, read this:
One Nepali blog, one post on Nepali blogosphere

Please, tell us what do you think of the agendas…

with best regards,

Nabin K. Malakar said...

I can not wait to see the Nepali bloggers meet.

Nepali Akash said...


Please participate.