Thursday, March 27, 2008

Food for Your Eyes | Pokhara Rendezvous Series 21

Source: Flickr

A day in the life of a Pokhareli student
The mark of time on a Pokhreli's face
I'm way too cool
Micky Mouse in Pokhara
Thulo bhayera aama lai dukha dine hola mora le!!!
Jau hida Pokhara
Fewa taalai ma
Alchhi lagdo din at Fewa
A good day for fishing
Holi aayi re!!!


aAkaR said...

nice man ! pics speak itself.

Prajwol said...

Nepali Akash,

I'm curious how much storage does blogspot allows? You seem to be pushing to limits with all these pictures ;)

I don't mind however, pictures speak thousand words....good stuff

It would be even better if you had something like flickr where we could see all at once in a slideshow, just a suggestion :)

Nepali Akash said...


I just found out that "Google now has a 1 GB storage limit per blog account".

I am just too lazy to do something else. So please bear the pain of scrolling. wink wink !!

Beena said...

beautiful photos..
i have started one too..


Arati Lohorung said...

nice portrait photos!
Keep it up

Gajendra Lohorung said...